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Award-winning video marketing
for companies and causes in St. Louis.

Engaging video is more than beautiful images.

We’ve become one of the top video marketing agencies serving St. Louis because we know this; engaging video tells a story. Stories move people. And people support companies and causes they feel moved to, emotionally. As marketers, our aim is to capture the heart. Story is the universal language that captures hearts and moves people. But we make beautiful images, too.

The Storyteller Studios – St. Louis Video Marketing Agency

And it works. Our marketing videos have been nationally recognized for excellence several times over, and our St. Louis clients report a higher return on investment than any other tool they’ve tried. But don’t take our word for it.

Alexia Cesarone

“Having worked with various production companies in my career, I now choose Storyteller every time. The team is easy to work with and makes your vision become reality – or, even better, makes your lack of vision into something truly special.”

— Alexia Cesarone
Todd Feager

“We’ve seen a massive lift in our recruitment and brand building as a direct result of our work with Storyteller. For high quality content these guys are your best bet hands down.”

— Todd Feager
Brette Bossick

“As soon as we met the Storyteller team we knew we were in good hands. They are extremely thorough and professional, not to mention the quality of the work was top-notch. Their name says it all! We will be using this company over and over again.”

— Brette Bossick
Kim Jenne

“Storyteller makes videos that connect emotionally with the audience. We consider them an essential business partner.”

— Kim Jenne
Camille Simpson

“I cannot recommend The Storyteller Studios highly enough. Not only is the team knowledgeable and professional, but they are also a true delight to work with. They are creative, and thoughtful, and we cannot wait to work with them again.”

— Camille Simpson
Ann Londrigan

“The Storyteller Studios delivered! Our video is being shared nationwide. It was a pleasure and I’m thankful for their editorial expertise and professionalism.”

— Ann Londrigan

Stories Told, Nationwide

We’ve had the privilege of providing the highest quality corporate video for businesses and causes of all shapes and sizes in St. Louis, throughout mid-America, and beyond. Our work has taken us to the islands of Puerto Rico for the Missouri United Methodist Church, the rolling countryside of East Texas for St. Louis-based energy company, DFender, and the fruit farms of California’s Central Coast for Tom Lange, a St. Louis produce company.

The Storyteller Studios, St. Louis Video Marketing Agency

The Power of Video In Your Marketing Mix

High-quality, professional video is now a critical marketing tool for any small business, company, non-profit, or cause. Here are 6 compelling reasons why (there are many more):

  1. Marketers who use video grow twice as fast as those who don’t.
  2. The average visitor spends 88% more time on websites with video. Videos help keep users on your website longer and also keep them more engaged.
  3. 82% of all internet traffic is video. The best place to reach people is where they are.
  4. Over half of all internet traffic is on mobile devices.
  5. 9 out of 10 people who watch a video on their mobile device will share it with someone else.
  6. 7 out of 10 people who encounter poor quality video will develop a negative impression of the brand that published it. Amateur video actually damages your brand.

High-quality video can be the difference between gaining a customer or supporter and losing one.

The Storyteller Studios – St. Louis Marketing Video Case Study – Gateway

Gateway is an industry-leading trade show exhibit and event marketing company head-quartered in Earth City business park on the northwest side of St. Louis. Their incredible team “takes the pain out of trade shows” for business owners, retailers, and marketers throughout the United States and globally. Gateway approached The Storyteller Studios in the summer of 2019 to produce a series of brand films and marketing videos for their website and digital marketing campaigns. We’re proud of the results (and so is Gateway). Watch here.

Madeline Ericson, Marketing Specialist

We had a smooth video shoot and production was quick and painless! Our brand videos turned out better than we could have anticipated and matched our company guidelines perfectly. This Storyteller Studios team is awesome to work with and we will definitely use them again for future projects.

— Madeline Ericson, Marketing Campaign Manager, Gateway

The Storyteller Studios – Brand Video Case Study – Tom Lange

Tom Lange Company approached The Storyteller Studios early in 2019 with a goal to further establish the company as an expert in their industry by teaching consumers and key stakeholders about their rich history and their wide range of products and services up and down the global food supply chain. The challenge was to tell a comprehensive story about how Tom Lange’s three different divisions function together and differentiate them from others in the industry. Tom Lange is also celebrating their 60th Anniversary in 2020, which is an important milestone for them to celebrate as a company.

Chris Costello, Producer, The Storyteller Studios, Directs Tom Lange Company's President and CEO,  Greg Reinauer, St Louis Video Marketing Agency

We began a 4-month project with Tom Lange in June of 2019 that took us from their annual charity golf outing in Chicago, to the historic riverside produce market in St. Louis, to the strawberry farms of California’s Central Coast, and the citrus orchards of the San Joaquin Valley. Both the client and The Storyteller Studios team had an amazing (and delicious) experience. Learn more and watch the videos here.

Bre Macomber, Marketing Specialist

“From initial conversation and mapping out the project, through the final edits, The Storyteller Studios team felt like an extension of my marketing department. They were a great partner and I am looking forward to the next project we do together!”

— Bre Macomber, Marketing Specialist, Tom Lange Company

The Storyteller Studios – St. Louis Video Marketing – Top Flite

Top Flite Financial is a growing mortgage lender in St. Louis that approached The Storyteller Studios in 2018. Top Flite needed to recruit great people to join the company as loan officers and wanted to deploy much more than just a standard job posting on a job board. We worked with Top Flite to produce a brand video and a series of engaging, authentic, and cinematic recruitment videos featuring real loan officers already finding success in the company.

Todd Feager, Top Flite Financial, St. Louis

“We’ve seen a massive lift in our recruitment and brand building as a direct result of our work with Storyteller. For high quality content these guys are your best bet hands down.”

— Todd Feager, Division Manager–Consumer Direct, Top Flite Financial

These videos put the culture of Top Flite on display and go so much further than a job description or a bulleted list of qualifications and requirements. They teach potential future team members what life is truly like working at Top Flite. Watch now.

Making Videos That Stand Out

What does it take to make a truly exceptional video for your brand? A professional video production company can offer an experienced technical crew, adequate sound and lighting, cool and clean graphics, and creative editing to tie it all together. But a truly engaging corporate or business video takes it a step further. It tells a story and makes an emotional appeal.

The Storyteller Studios video marketing agency is designed to do exactly this. From our first conversations and pre-production work, all the way to post-production and delivery, we’re laser focused on helping our clients create video marketing that cuts through the noise and really stands out in the crowd.

Video Marketing Agency In St. Louis

The Storyteller Studios is a video marketing agency head-quartered near St. Louis, MO. We create custom-made videos for each client. Before we begin with the video making process, our team ensures that we’ve fully understood the values of your brand, your vision, and marketing goals. We then work with you to create compelling and engaging video content that not only executes your messaging, but in a way that truly engages people and moves them to your brand. Our many clients have not been disappointed with their results. In fact, they often report a higher return on investment than any other marketing tool they’ve tried.

The Storyteller Studios is a truly unique and special modern video marketing agency. Let us show you. Every project is custom. Reach out to our team for a free estimate. We deliver custom quotes within 24 hours.

If you’re not investing in high-quality video, you are losing people.