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The Storyteller Studios, Travel & Tourism Video Production

travel & tourism video production.

Video Marketing for Travel & Tourism

Video marketing is a powerful method of promoting your business, and there is no greater example than tourism videos. Whether you are trying to promote the tourism industry in a particular place or just marketing your own travel business, tourism videos get a lot of attention.

We offer a range of video content and digital marketing services for the travel industry, acting as outsourced travel marketers to a huge range of businesses and organizations.

Our video marketing services are always aimed at whatever the client needs most – matching their preferred brand and other important specifications.

Our Past Tourism Video Work

Tourism marketing is complex, and there is not a single perfect tourism video formula for every single situation.

Understanding how to create the right content for each target audience and brand identity is our specialty, and it is something we pride ourselves on achieving with each new client we take on.

Kim Jenne

“Storyteller makes videos that connect emotionally with the audience. We consider them an essential business partner.”

— Kim Jenne
Camille Simpson

“I cannot recommend The Storyteller Studios highly enough. Not only is the team knowledgeable and professional, but they are also a true delight to work with. They are creative, and thoughtful, and we cannot wait to work with them again.”

— Camille Simpson
Ann Londrigan

“The Storyteller Studios delivered! Our video is being shared nationwide. It was a pleasure and I’m thankful for their editorial expertise and professionalism.”

— Ann Londrigan
Lara Donovan

“From fast email replies to stellar production quality and every step in between, the Storyteller Studios team is incredible. Investing in their talent will be a decision you won’t regret.”

— Lara Donovan
Jodi Ogilvy

“Storyteller is an absolute dream team to collaborate with. They have easy-to-follow processes and consistently bring your vision to life.”

— Jodi Ogilvy
Daniell Komonce

“Doooooode. Dude. Wow. I am speechless. This is exactly what I had envisioned, only better. I love the jazz. I love the b-roll. Everything. Baller. I am so excited.”

— Danielle Komonce

YouTube Advertising and Video Marketing

Tourism video advertising is the most direct way to appeal to the latest trends, draw in potential customers, drum up more engagement and market your business to more prospective travelers.

Our past work has covered a lot of different video types, from YouTube content to consumer-directed promotional video production for use in TV ad breaks. This has given us a huge pool of travel industry video production experience to draw on.

Travel video marketing thrives on YouTube. Not only can travel marketing content be used as video content, but it can also be posted on the site as ads.

Either way, we are able to use YouTube’s advertising toolset to capture the audience you want, targeting those viewers with relevant and well-prepared video content. These videos can reach a huge number of viewers, and we can produce content that will turn all but the most stubborn viewer into a potential customer.

The Storyteller Studios, Travel & Tourism Video Marketing

Social Media Posts and Video Content

Video content can be invaluable on social media, giving you an easy way to get your brand message and identity out to a huge range of consumers.

You can share your brand story, advertise a certain destination, or even produce something meant to make the viewer feel like they need a holiday.

Social media is fast-moving, meaning that we can re-use videos often and create a new video for each purpose.

One piece of travel video content might focus on a certain category of destinations, then other video posts throughout the week might highlight specific locations. Our team is highly experienced at this kind of work.

TV Ads

We have produced several TV spot ads in the past, all for vastly different companies. The rules of TV promotional ads are a lot more complex than the video content we post on social media, but we can create the right kind of video options for use in television ads too.

TV advertisements are expensive and put your brand in front of a huge, varied demographic rather than a specific audience.

We can aim for an ad that offers maximum engagement and more ways to turn potential customers into paying customers, but we will have to work hard to achieve it.

Tourism Industry Training Materials

Tourism video production can also cover the training involved in working within the industry. It can be hard to adapt into a role where describing beautiful scenery and one-of-a-kind trips go hand-in-hand with managing purchase information.

Good training videos can focus on the finer points of the tourism trade, whether that means tips on how to influence a customer’s destination selection or the finer points of marketing certain travel packages.

Why Use a Third Party Video Production Team?

A larger company might spend millions of dollars on branding to get the success that they have achieved, producing all kinds of video content. While a smaller business can’t afford that same price tag, they also do not need to.

Our work creating countless video marketing pieces for clients has given us a massive amount of experience in the industry. Whatever the end goal for your brand and business is, we can help you achieve it.


Our video production standards are much higher than an independent video editor. We can capture drone video footage, aim to record the natural beauty of a location in each shot, or piece together a new video point-by-point from existing footage.

We aim for maximum quality in every video we produce, ultimately hoping to create the perfect piece of video content for each client’s needs – whether that is as website content, something displayed on TV around the world, or even just a mobile video ad.


We can provide in-depth editing experience, using some of the best software on the market to precision-engineer the story that your consumers are seeing. The power in advertising comes from editing the message you want to send – do you want fun images to appeal to travelers looking for a new experience or something slower and more relaxing for exhausted visitors.

Editing puts the power of the video’s overall message in our hands, and we will not disappoint. Whether you want to encourage people to visit, promote new destinations, or even just reveal a special offer, we can make sure that the viewers take away the right information and the right kind of feelings.


Our staff is heavily-experienced and extremely well-prepared. If you need us to take inspiration from a photo of a location – for instance, basing a chain of ads on a particular shot of one destination – then we can find a way to appeal to the travelers you are targeting.

Online articles might appeal to site users and visitors, but video ads are the most powerful tool you can have when marketing your service. Working with experts like us is the easiest way to get the results that you want.

What now?

If you want to look deeper into the services that we offer, then get in touch and talk with some of our experts. No matter what you are looking for, we can find a way to make it work.