Tell your story. Move more people. Get better ROI.

High-quality video can be the difference between gaining a customer and losing one. Marketing research surveys find that when viewers are confronted with poor-quality video, they are 62% more likely to have a negative perception of the brand that published it. Amateur video actually damages your brand.

The good news — professional, high-quality video is more affordable today than ever before. We’ve designed our monthly service to empower business owners and marketers like you to boost engagement, raise awareness, and build your brand through high-quality, professionally-produced video on social media.

And it works. Our monthly clients report a higher return on investment than any other tool in their marketing plan. 

Monthly Video Packages

Each option includes a one-hour monthly analytics consult and step-by-step content planning guide.

SocialVid Budget

One 60 to 90-second video per month.

SocialVid Essential

Two 60 to 90-second videos per month.

SocialVid Pro

Four 60 to 90-second videos per month.

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