The Power of Parallel

We had contradictory goals for this video we produced for the Puck™ IndieGogo campaign by our friends at Smashtoast. We wanted viewers to hear from the founders in an authentic way. We wanted to demonstrate how Puck™ could radically change home entertainment. We wanted to give viewers the opportunity to see how the first prototype Pucks were made. And we wanted to do it all in 3 minutes.

This is a common challenge in production of online content. How do we tell our complete story in a short amount of time?

Parallel editing is a film editing technique used to suggest multiple lines of action occurring simultaneously. There are 3 storylines in the video for Puck™; a demo of the product in use, interviews with the founders on the inspiration and technical details, and the making of a Puck™ prototype. Opening on the demo, we proceed to cross-cut each of these storylines unfolding at the same time. Spatial separation is accomplished by three different locations and by processing the interview footage in black and white. The result is a non-linear presentation of 3 complete storylines and a rich delivery of detail for the viewer in only 3 minutes.

Get more out of your content. Challenge yourself to think beyond a linear narrative.