Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people through the power of story.

Right. So, what does that mean?

It means we strive, through our work, to create personal connections between people, products, and services. No matter the business, large or small, it’s ultimately about human connection.

We were recently hired by Design Ideas, Ltd, to create a short and compelling video they could share with their partners and clients that effectively conveys their personality and what they’re all about – creating interesting home and office organization solutions that are both functional and delightful.

So does it work?

Andy Van Meter, President and Co-founder of Design Ideas, Ltd, recently used the video to open a sales meeting with buyer representatives of Target in Hangzhou, China.

“You could have heard a pin drop after we finished the movie intro,” he said. “No one wanted to break the silence. Target really wanted to be part of us after that film.”

What happened next is, simply put, why we do what we do. Target engaged in a deal with Design Ideas on 15 new items not previously carried by the store.

As another one of our clients, Brad Zara of Zara’s Collision Center put it, “People really do prefer to do business with those with whom they feel personally connected.”

How are you connecting?