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Moving Pillsbury Forward

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The Storyteller Studios Award-winning Nonprofit Marketing

Helping to impact positive change in our hometown is always a privilege. So, when Chris Richmond of the Moving Pillsbury Forward project contacted us, we jumped at the chance.

Chris Richmond and Polly Poskin, Moving Pillsbury Forward
Chris Richmond (left) with Polly Poskin (right), Vice President of MPF

“I remember feeling that The Storyteller Studios had produced a video with more emotional impact than I could have guessed. Fantastic!”

— Chris Richmond, President, Moving Pillsbury Forward

Moving Pillsbury Forward is a group of highly motivated individuals with legitimate plans to redevelop the 18-acre site of the former Pillsbury Mills plant. The mill closed more than 20 years ago on the northeast side of Springfield, Illinois, and neighboring homes are now some of the most impoverished in the city. The site is contaminated, though not to the degree initially thought. It will take significant resources and support from the community to provide the area with public safety, environmental, health, justice, and economic benefits.

The video sets the current scene at the site, explains what is needed to move the project forward, and the tremendous impact this will have on the community. (Watch below ↓)

“We had a good video conference to discuss just what we wanted to achieve with a video. The Storyteller Studios team did a great job focusing us on that objective.”

— Chris Richmond

Chris said the experience working with The Storyteller Studios team had been good.

“I was impressed with the efficiency of the team. The Storyteller Studios respected everyone’s time. That was great. We look forward to doing another video.”

— Chris Richmond

The Storyteller Studios Producer, Chris Costello, has lived in the Springfield area his whole life.

Chris Costello, Storyteller Video Producer

I was familiar with the Pillsbury site and had heard all the rumors regarding its various states of decay over the years. Even though I wasn’t alive during its heyday, the effects it has had on the surrounding community, both good and bad, are apparent today.

To be able to help Chris and the team tell the real story regarding the property, and to provide some hope for the area residents that this blight could become a thing of the past sooner rather than later, has been a special experience.

I can’t wait to see what is in store for this project.

— Chris Costello, Producer, The Storyteller Studios
Chris Costello films through a window from a top floor of the mill
Chris Costello films through a window from a top floor of the mill.

May, 2023 Update:

Moving Pillsbury Forward gained $4.3 million in fundraising following distribution of this video.

Watch “Moving Pillsbury Forward” now:

Moving Pillsbury Forward
Moving Pillsbury Forward [social]