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Align Production Systems

  • 3 min read

When Align Production Systems needed a series of videos created and Marketing Channel Analyst Brandon Schmidt reached out, we were excited to help

Brandon Schmidt

“When searching for video production companies near St. Louis, MO, we stumbled upon The Storyteller Studios and were impressed with their work in the industrial manufacturing space. The videos we saw done for other companies encapsulated the industrial space well, and we knew we wanted to work with them.”

— Brandon Schmidt, Marketing Channel Analyst, Align Production Systems

Align Production Systems videos – a sales video, a brand overview, and a culture/recruitment video – have been posted to social media, distributed through email campaigns, and added to landing pages on Align’s website. Still images and shorter video clips derived from the main videos are being used for other marketing purposes.

Seeing those videos for the first time put all our worries at ease. The Storyteller Studios handle not only the filming process professionally, but also the editing. Any suggestions or changes we wanted to make in the first draft were made within a day by the editor. Josh and Chris are stand-out guys who know what they are doing.

— Brandon Schmidt

Align received great feedback from its audiences on these videos.

“Our employees loved seeing themselves in the videos and were happy to be a part of the filming days. The whole process of planning, filming, and editing was a breeze with this team. Professionalism shines through the work they do and how they conduct themselves. The team works quickly without compromising the finished product.”

— Brandon
Josh Hester

“Partnering with Align is everything we want our work to be; best-in-class quality, a little adventurous, and tangibly meaningful in helping to advance the Mission of the brands we serve. Align is a company and a team of people that truly walk the talk, from the c-suite and throughout. Their products support some of the biggest and most impactful projects in global manufacturing and we’re very proud to help tell that story.”

— Josh Hester, Principal & Executive Producer, The Storyteller Studios

Watch the videos now:

Align Production Systems Brand Video
Align Production Systems Sales Video
Align Production Systems Recruitment Video