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Unique Canine

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It is no secret that The Storyteller Studios team has a soft spot for animals, particularly those rescued. So, when we had the opportunity to work with the crew at Unique Canine in St Peters, MO to create a new set of website brand videos, we were excited.

Meribeth Broadway, Unique Canine

“I liked the way they communicated, and I watched previous work that they had done. It is my second time using The Storyteller Studios so, that is why I chose them the first time; the second time is because they had done such a good job with the first project. I am sure I will use them again in the future when it is time for an update.”

— Meribeth Broadway, Owner & Founder, Unique Canine

Chris and Payton spent a day with Meribeth, the team, and the animals to capture footage used in a video to post on social media and at events for educational purposes.

We have enjoyed working with the Storyteller crew both times. They are on time, use the time efficiently, know the questions to ask to make impact statements, and seem to enjoy working on the projects and learning about the new businesses they are working with. I think we are all a little critical of ourselves on camera, but the video was good enough that I felt comfortable with myself being in it.”

— Meribeth

The Storyteller Studios’ Producer, Chris Costello, led the project.

Chris Costello, Video Producer, The Storyteller Studios Inc

Meribeth and the gang are some of the most knowledgable and passionate people I have ever met when it comes to the training of both working dogs and everyday family dogs. We had worked with her and her team back in 2019 to help spread the word of her non-profit organization, Dogs on Duty, which provides assets and resources to working dogs and their handlers.

— Chris Costello, Producer, The Storyteller Studios

Dogs On Duty Brand Video:

Watch the Unique Canine Brand Video now: