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Award-winning Video Marketing » Stories of Freedom at the Old State Capitol

Stories of Freedom at the Old State Capitol

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In Spring 2020, the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois, closed to visitors for restoration work and reopened last month. During the closure, Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) State Historic Sites staff installed a new education gallery and video room at the Old State Capitol. We had the pleasure of working with Justin Blandford, superintendent of Springfield’s state historic sites for the IDNR, and his team to produce an 11-minute video highlighting the historical significance of the Old State Capitol, as well as the relevance of the building today.

Justin Blandford, State Historic Sites Springfield

“The Storyteller Studios has developed a great reputation for delivering high-quality and creative work. We were impressed by examples of The Storyteller Studios work in the community and knew they could help us communicate the message we wanted to share with our local audiences as well as out-of-town guests.”

— Justin Blandford, Superintendent of Springfield’s State Historic Sites for the IDNR

Stories of Freedom is the title and message of the video. It demonstrates that throughout history events and people have shaped our idea of civil rights and liberties, and this story leads right up to this day. We can look at this story through the lens of this building, the Old State Capitol. The video reminds us what they have done. It asks, what will you do?

“The video hit the mark exactly, which was so rewarding and exciting. We immediately wanted to share it. The video achieved what we had hoped it would achieve. We were so pleased that our partners could play important roles in explaining to our audiences why the Old State Capitol is relevant and meaningful.”

— Justin Blandford

The Storyteller Studios producer, Kevin Christensen, lead the project.

Kevin Christensen, Film Director/Producer, The Storyteller Studios

“It was an absolute honor to create this video for the Old State Capitol. The building encapsulates so much of our rich history here in Springfield and it was a joy to find creative ways of bringing that history to life. Justin and his team were invaluable in helping us find the right people and places to film and I loved his vision to show that the struggles and victories of the past are still alive and relevant today. They were great collaborators and trusted us to tell this story, and I’m delighted with how it turned out.”

— Kevin Christensen, Producer, The Storyteller Studios

“The experience could not have been more enjoyable. The Storyteller Studios is a well-managed company that has created an incubator for creativity in the community. Team members are kind and professional individuals who have the talent and tools to assist large and small clients with their goals.”

— Justin Blandford

Watch the video here: