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Hawthorne Animal Hospital

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The Storyteller Studios team had the pleasure of working with Kate from Zeal Marketing & Consulting to create a series of videos showcasing the expertise and compassion of her client, Hawthorne Animal Hospital in Glen Carbon, Illinois.

Kate Cantrell, Marketing Strategist

“I was impressed by the samples of The Storyteller Studios work and felt like our experience in healthcare marketing made us a good fit. I also really like how Josh runs his business with efficient processes. He is easy to work with.”

— Kate Cantrell, President & Marketing Strategist, Zeal Marketing & Consulting

The goal was to position Hawthorne Animal Hospital as the most advanced animal hospital in the area, the best place to work, and to play up the cuteness of their patients (which wasn’t too difficult!).

I felt extremely proud of our work and a bit emotional. My clients were also emotional on their first viewing, as they felt we nailed their ‘why.’

The footage is excellent. We got to see all kinds of care – from vaccines and exams to high-tech surgery – and we showcased their love for animals in every shot.

— Kate Cantrell

The videos are live on the Hawthorne Animal Hospital YouTube channel and website and will feature in paid recruitment campaigns. Others will feature in social media campaigns and on the TV in the lobby.

“The Storyteller Studios team is a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable, professional, and talented. Being easy to collaborate and work with is imperative as the marketing partner bringing them in to work with my clients. That requires trust, and I was very pleased with their interactions during shoots, as well as the outcome. Seeing my clients beam with pride over the videos that showcase who they are and what they do, made me very happy.”

— Kate Cantrell

The Storyteller Studios producer, Chris Costello, lead the project.

Chris Costello, Director/Cinematographer, The Storyteller Studios Inc

“Who could want more out of a shoot than a room full of dogs!? The folks at Hawthorne made our job a breeze. They truly love what they do and live their mission day in and day out. It is such a joy for us to tell stories of businesses whose mission is to make our communities a better place. The folks at Hawthorne were so accommodating to our requests which can sometimes be a bit strange or intrusive, especially when they are still trying to tend to patients, but they trusted our vision and were thrilled with the final product just as much as we were.”

— Chris Costello, Producer, The Storyteller Studios

Watch the series here:

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Hawthorne Animal Hospital Vet Recruitment Video
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