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Award-winning Video Marketing » Qumulex: Next Level Recruitment

Qumulex: Next Level Recruitment

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The labor market is hot right now. Companies and causes of all shapes and sizes face intense competition in recruiting top talent, especially in tech. So, when Qumulex wanted to create a video that stood out amongst the crowd, the team enlisted the help of The Storyteller Studios. We worked with Qumulex to produce a video that gives job seekers in the technology industry a clear idea of the company, its people, and its mission.

Qumulex’s marketing manager, Wes Crouch, chose The Storyteller Studios because our portfolio matched what the company was looking for in video quality and content strategy.

Wes Crouch

“We needed help creating a recruitment video that can break through the noise on LinkedIn for software engineers. The goal was to create a video showcasing a cool product to work on, a smart team to work with, and a great company to work for.”

— Wes Crouch, Marketing Manager, Qumulex

Wes said the video achieved everything he wanted.

“When I saw the video for the first time I was grinning ear-to-ear. It was perfect.”

— Wes Crouch

The video is currently featured in Qumulex’s new ad campaign on LinkedIn and is also posted on the careers page of the company’s website.

“The Storyteller team was smart. They gave great direction and input into the project and they nailed the delivery of turning our idea into reality.”

— Wes Crouch

The Storyteller Studios producer, Kevin Christensen, lead the project.

Kevin Christensen

“Qumulex did a great job communicating their vision to us and worked with us to ensure a smooth shoot. A lot of companies would be tempted to make a short recruitment video completely scripted, but Qumulex made the wise choice to let us interview the people who make up their company and let their genuine enthusiasm for their work shine through. I think the result speaks for itself.”

— Kevin Christensen, Producer, The Storyteller Studios

Watch now:

Qumulex Recruitment Video [social]
Qumulex Recruitment Video