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Springfield Ballet Company

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In 2020, when Springfield Ballet Company canceled its biggest fundraiser, its annual performance of The Nutcracker, due to Covid-19, The Storyteller Studios was given the unique opportunity to produce a documentary focusing on the role of Clara and the experience of local dancers that performed the part over the years. Through Clara’s Eyes streamed live over two months, with proceeds from ticket sales going to the company.

Julie Ratz

“Watching the video for the first time, I felt emotional, so moved, and touched. I cried happy tears. I didn’t understand what documentary filmmakers did until I worked with The Storyteller Studios. I was so impressed with the way the staff took the interviews and footage and let those lead the development of the film.”

— Julie Ratz, Artistic Director, Springfield Ballet Company

The documentary was filmed over a weekend at the Hoogland Center for the Arts in downtown Springfield, Illinois. It includes interviews with staff, students, and company alumni and features photographs of the company’s performances of The Nutcracker over the years.

“The Storyteller Studios’ enthusiasm for the project made it an enjoyable experience for everyone. The quality of the film is outstanding, but the real joy came from the intuition of the staff – their ability to see the story as it unfolded.”

— Julie Ratz
Through Clara's Eyes, the editor's timeline
Storyteller Producer, and Editor of Through Clara’s Eyes, Chris Costello’s final timeline for the film.

Watch the trailer for Through Clara’s Eyes now or the feature-length documentary, which includes an incredible live performance of the “Snow Scene” by the most recent cast of Springfield Ballet Company, here:

Through Clara’s Eyes [Trailer]
Through Clara’s Eyes