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Prime Car Wash

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We have had the pleasure of working on several videos for Prime Car Wash and Prime Car Wash Franchising. Prime Car Wash used these videos in its marketing efforts as well as building brand awareness. On the franchise side, the videos are being used in the recruitment of new franchise partners and to generate interest in new markets across the country.

Jess Robison

“I think their name says a lot about their work. They have a natural ability to bring to light your story through the imagery they capture and through the production and editing process.”

— Jess Robison, Director of Brand Marketing, Prime Car Wash

We worked with Jessica to create videos to educate the public on the products and services offered by Prime Car Wash as well as drive new traffic to its locations and generate online sales. Prime Car Wash Franchising has received several hundred inquiries and signed two Franchise Disclosure Documents since the video began running in January.

“We have exploded our online detail scheduler/payments since using the video to advertise those services. Now more than ever, video is becoming the way to advertise and capture the attention of your audience. I consider Storyteller to be a vital part of my marketing team.”

— Jess Robison
Josh Hester

“Jess, Bobby, Cruz, and the team at Prime are wonderful to work with. They really get it when it comes to video marketing. It’s been a collaborative effort and they’ve been open to our coaching and recommendations. The results speak for themselves. Oh, and they detailed my car! It’s like brand new! We can’t wait to go back.”

— Josh Hester, Principal & Executive Producer

Watch the videos: